So What Is SFS?

So What Is SFS? (1)

What is SFS? Sci Fi Scarborough is a two day weekend Convention of everything from Comic Books to Cosplay, Authors to Artists, Guest Speakers to Guest Signings, Tabletop and Online

Convention Newbie?

Convention Newbie? – Your Guide

Convention Newbie? – Your Guide (0)

Your 101 Guide To Conventions There is a first time for everything .That first date, that first interview, that first job, and they can fill you with dread because its

SFS - The Spa Venue Pics

The Spa

The Spa (0)

The Spa, Scarborough known officially as the Scarborough Spa Complex is located in Scarborough’s South Bay and is a venue for conferences, exhibitions, entertainment and events on the Yorkshire Coast.

SFS - Trading Hall & Comic Alley

Trading Hall & Comic Alley

Trading Hall & Comic Alley (1)

Here we will be showcasing our amazing traders, artists and guests…


     Left  Right
    • Sci Fi Scarborough – Ground Zero (2)

      Ground Floor Plan: Welcome to Ground Zero. Walk through the doors of this fabulous Victorian complex and enter the world of Sci Fi Scarborough!!! This is where the journey begins. Choose to meet the artists in Artists Alley in the Grand Hall, grab a bite to eat in Farrer’s, play

      Sci Fi Scarborough – Ground Zero
    • Sci Fi Scarborough – Level Up (0)

      First Floor Plan Level Up!!! Now with more health and extra powers, go and watch a Fan Film in the Theatre, enter the world of Minecraft in the Vita Dome, get that autograph in the Ocean Room, listen to stories about UFO sightings and learn about  the science behind Astronomy

      Sci Fi Scarborough – Level Up
    • Sci Fi Scarborough – Bought Your Ticket yet? (0)

      What are you waiting for?    

      Sci Fi Scarborough – Bought Your Ticket yet?
    • Choose Geek… (0)

      Choose Geek You are amongst friends and like minded people. Dress to impress and express!!! Whatever the character and whatever the series or genre, we at Sci Fi Scarborough are looking forward to the results of all those hours of gluing, sticking, researching, sewing, painting, weathering and building that you

      Choose Geek…
    • Alien Invasion (0)

      Alien Invasion An official report last year stated that after London, Scarborough was the second most likely place to be invaded by aliens. This has now called into question the veracity of this archive picture taken by Professor Julian Farklestein in 1889 of Scarboroughs South Bay. Dismissed as a ‘photo

      Alien Invasion
    • Sci Fi Scarborough (0)

      Scarborough Castle Hubble couldn’t find it. Google Maps ignored it. NASA didn’t believe it, but the recent Eurospace Mission did indeed confirm that the Spa Complex was to be host to Sci Fi Scarborough. There were reports of strange electromagnetic activity, sand circles and weird lights in the night sky

      Sci Fi Scarborough
    • Sci Fi Scarborough – cyberdonkey (0)

      Cyberdonkey Believed to be a local urban myth, the cyberdonkey has been allegedly sighted many times over recent months. Such was the furore surrounding this possible new breed of creature, that Sci Fi Scarborough enlisted the professional talents of Dr Benjamin Karl No-bee to investigate. His report stated that numbers

      Sci Fi Scarborough – cyberdonkey

    Reviews and Views

    My Top Three Space Opera Books (not all by Peter Hamilton)

    My Top Three Space Opera Books (not all by Peter Hamilton) (0)

    Aaah, a good book on a winter’s night when the wind is howling and you’re tucked up in bed and have thrown yourself into another universe. Such are the things

    Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des loups) 2001

    Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des loups) 2001 (0)

    And… we are back in France!!! BOTW is an historical 18th Century thriller loosely based around a real life series of killings attributed to ‘The Beast  Of Gevaudan’in the Margeride

    Foreign Language Films To See – Vidocq

    Foreign Language Films To See – Vidocq (0)

    With the box office currently being filled with superhero flicks, fantasy extravaganzas and sparkly vampires, it

    Pacific Rim Review

    Pacific Rim Review (1)

    I remember growing up . Most of it was fun. I was 9 years old when

    Ender’s Game – Trailer

    Ender’s Game – Trailer (0)

    Pacific Rim – Trailer

    Pacific Rim – Trailer (0)

    Superman and Batman

    Superman and Batman (1)

    Superman / Batman crossover The Avengers and Marvel have set a modern blueprint for the purple

    Videos and Promos

    Videos and Promos

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    Featured Interviews

    Featured Interviews

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